Oh, Happy Day

Well, I spent the day watching the inauguration on CNN, howbout you? Oh pish, what is this “work for a living”? “Children,” sheesh. What about priorities?

Okay okay okay okay okay. I admit, I’m lucky that I was able to do that. And get a lot of knitting done. And I NEEEEEEED those green gloves Michelle Obama was wearing while she held the Lincoln Bible while her husband was sworn in. Love. The gloves.

Oh, and historic moment in history and all that – yes, it was, but CNN already covered that angle really, really well. Embarrassingly well. As in, people, invest in a thesaurus, you won’t regret it. And what is with all these people from the Sarah Palin school of journalism? They just kept nattering on and on until someone cut them off. Was anybody else yelling “shaddap already!” at the TV when the CNN journalists were vamping?

But it was cool. Good speeches. Happy people. And me, sitting on my couch, watching it alone, just like I did on Election Night. I have got to get a social life.

Which I will do, in Utrecht, at some point. Based on DrBob’s meeting today with the first Bank Guy, we can move to Utrecht this summer, but that does not necessarily mean that we should. Details tomorrow.

Song du jour of the day: I know I’ve used this before, but happy politics make me think of Hurra! by die Ärzte, even though they are being all bitterly ironic and punk and stuff.

3 responses to “Oh, Happy Day

  • Isabella

    ;-) Being I was home alone, I had the liberty to use the remote however I wished. So I skipped around from CNBC to CNN to BBC. I got tired of listening to their talking-over everything, so I would skip around. I felt BBC had the best. But I agree. I need to get myself a social life ;-) LOL!

  • alala

    Dude. Move to Utrecht. We’ll hang out.

  • red

    The oath was taken at 8:45 Seattle time. Frank and I popped a bottle of Champane and toasted the new President.
    On the Mall they were singing “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey- ey, Good bye.” But CNN didn’t pick it up very well. (good song du jour of the day)
    There were between 1.4-2.0 million people on the Mall. No arrests. None.
    The gloves, good. Aretha’s hat, sooooo good.
    Weren’t you just wondering if someone was going to push Cheney’s wheelchair down the stairs? It did cross my mind. My bad. Red

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