Daily Archives: 20 January 2009

Oh, Happy Day

Well, I spent the day watching the inauguration on CNN, howbout you? Oh pish, what is this “work for a living”? “Children,” sheesh. What about priorities?

Okay okay okay okay okay. I admit, I’m lucky that I was able to do that. And get a lot of knitting done. And I NEEEEEEED those green gloves Michelle Obama was wearing while she held the Lincoln Bible while her husband was sworn in. Love. The gloves. Continue reading

second chances

The Sniglet says they’re going ice skating again today! At least this time I know what to bring (though once again I have nothing in writing – the Sniglet’s fault, a week after the last time it happened and I lectured him extensively? Or the teacher’s, this time? (I wouldn’t put it past her, this teacher is… careful not to overexert herself)). I’ve asked the Sniglet a million times, are you sure? Again, so soon? Are you sure this is the right day? He seems sure. I ask where’s the piece of paper, he says there wasn’t one this time. And in the absence of something written, I have to trust him, even though he’s been unreliable in the past.

Maybe he told the whole truth this time. Maybe this time I won’t look like That Mom, you know, the one you can’t help judging.

And something to be happy about: the Song du jour of the day, courtesy of Red: Moving In, by the Presidents of the United States of America.