Daily Archives: 13 January 2009

well that could’ve gone better…

I suppose it could’ve gone worse, but still, it was pretty sucky. I met the Sniglet’s class at the ice rink, along with about 600 other moms (not bad for a class of 30 kids) (okay, it was more like 12, but German suburban housewives – my peer group, basically – freak me the fuck out because they are so seethingly competent and make me feel like a schmoe at all times), and I didn’t think to bring a helmet or gloves, so he wasn’t allowed to skate. The Things To Bring list was written on a piece of paper, but I never did see that – when I asked for something written, the Sniglet said he’d lost it.

I stayed at the ice rink with him and we played word games until everyone was done. That seemed to make him feel a bit better. But all in all, it was pretty embarrassing for both of us, and really, I’d hoped to get out of here without any more of these stupid incidents.