Daily Archives: 12 January 2009

Caught up

Whew. Well, the manuscript ate my weekend, so today was all about the freelance Munich job – stuff I usually do over the weekend but not this time. That’s done. As is the grocery shopping (Italian Week at Aldi! Woooot!), recycling and gas. Tomorrow the Sniglet’s class is going ice skating, and in a moment of insanity I said I’d come along and help (he asked, I didn’t just volunteer out of the blue – I’m not completely bonkers. Yet), so tomorrow I have to go down and tie (and then later untie) thirty little pairs of ice skates, but other than that, my time is my own! To clean and cook and try to get some exercise and drive someone to soccer practice and run errands downtown and oh God the laundry, but you know. Freedom!


Song du jour of the day: Cradle and All, by Ani DiFranco