I know this is nothing to many of you (Hi Minnesota!), but we are not used to this kind of cold here in Europe. Not anymore, anyway. -12°C on Friday, that’s about 10°F, and I, delicate Pacific flower that I am, am wondering which office to complain to. Do bear in mind that since we’re not used to it, we don’t have the proper gear. If we lived in Minnesota, we would.

Of course, as always, it could be worse, and it might be soon. As you can see, no Russian pipeline comes to our neighborhood, but we still may feel the pinch if Russia and the Ukraine don’t patch things up soon. Now I’m even sorrier that I was so extravagant with the firewood back in November. Although I did predict a cold winter (but not the Slavic spat leading to an artificial gas shortage (erm, it’s natural gas, of course – it’s the shortage that’s artificial)), and wonder aloud if two cords would be enough. Turns out, I was right.

I sure wish I was wrong.

Song du jour of the day: Baby, It’s Cold Outside, by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.


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