back to normal

Whew. Today was Epiphany, and the Three Wise Men didn’t show up to bless our house (I think that’s a bad sign) but wonder of wonders, I got to send the kids to bed at their school-night bedtimes, yay. DrBob’s back in Utrecht, the kids’ll go to school tomorrow, and things will gradually settle back into some sort of routine. The combination of Ignatz’s birthday and Christmas and the general schedule upheaval is always hard, but this year the problem was compounded by persistent illness in the kids (which meant we had to postpone Ig’s birthday party, i.e. schedule it, clean for it, and brace for impact twice), and of course the passing of Robert’s uncle slowed us all down. I’m glad it’s over.

But you know how I had that plan to organize the house before we move, get rid of stuff we don’t need, and introduce some system to our storage so that 1) the movers can find everything, and 2) we can unpack in a logical order? Right, well, when you have a year to move, it can be hard to get started, you know? You can’t really pack anything you’re going to need before you go, and I’ve already gotten rid of everything we don’t use at least once a year. I did figure that after Christmas I could pack up all the Christmas stuff, and once I made that start, perhaps I could keep a sort of momentum.

Then we started talking about waiting another year to move.


Song du jour of the day: Waiting Room, by Fugazi.


4 responses to “back to normal

  • Kel

    I wish I could help, I love moving!

  • amarkonmywall

    You can’t SEE them, silly. They come and bless you and you only realize it later.

  • amarkonmywall

    P.S. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who hasn’t updated their blogroll for, oh, three years. 🙂

  • alala

    Kelly, keep your schedule clear. I’ll send you a ticket.

    V, yeah, the blogroll makes me blush. Oh hey, I can make a resolution!

    Re the Wise Men, you can see them in Germany! Well, Catholic Germany, so Bavaria and um, up around Cologne I think. It’s one of those Culture Things, they sing a song and you make a donation to their charity and then they write 20 C+M+B 09 at the top of your door.

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