the Sniglet conundrum

… is a bit less conundrummy. Ignatz is somewhere between a child, for whom we make the decisions, and an adult who understands the situation and deserves to have some input. The Sniglet is a kid, and he’s young enough to adjust. His friendships are not the character-shaping events that they will be in six years, because he’s kind of… difficult. Very dramatic, has trouble controlling his temper, and doesn’t really understand that there are some things you just don’t say (thank you, overindulgent grandparents), so his friendships shift a lot anyway. He’ll probably make a bad start in NL, but he’ll be there long enough to recover. Basically, the sooner we move the better, for the Sniglet. So for him I wasn’t really ambivalent about the delay: from this angle, it’s all bad.

Oh, for this next point you need to know about elementary school in Bavaria: I think this is weird, but the same kids stay together for all four years. And for grades 1 and 2 they have the same teacher (usually: the Sniglet’s first-grade teacher retired and now he’s got a different one for second grade, which annoys me – you set up this expectation, and then woop! gotcha!), and then they get a new teacher for grades 3 and 4. Anyway, we hear a rumor that the Sniglet’s grade 3-4 teacher will be the same Ms N who was Ignatz’s teacher, and we really, really liked her. Maybe a year in her class would do the Sniglet good. Maybe one more year won’t matter so much for him.

Maybe I should stop worrying about how a choice I make will affect my sons: the fact is, if Dutch banks choose not to lend us enough money to buy a house, we have no option but to wait, and all I can do is try to lessen the impact of whatever choice is made for us.

Song du jour of the day: A Time to Be So Small, by Interpol.

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