um, hi!

Happy New Year! Waugh, I keep starting sentences and deleting them because I’d love to update everyone on the move, but… I can’t. Because we don’t know. Don’t know if or when we can sell this house or buy another one, don’t know how to proceed until we do know, and the thing is, nobody knows. You know?

We’re meeting with a bank guy tomorrow, and we’ll ask him some questions about selling or renting out this house, and he’ll give us his best guesses, considering that the economic model he’s served without question for his entire life is now in free-fall and nobody’s completely sure that the sun will rise tomorrow. And DrBob will ask questions at Dutch banks too, and then we’ll have to decide some things based on assessments from people we… don’t really trust. I mean, we trust that they mean well, but we don’t necessarily think that they know what they’re doing. Anymore than we do.

We had accepted that it’ll be hard to make any decisions until the housing markets stablize, but we naively thought that they would do that fairly soon. Now we’re not so sure, and the July moving-date that seemed like plenty of time to get ready now seems wildly optimistic. Flexibility may be needed. This fills me with anxiety.

Song du jour of the day: Smile, by Binder & Krieglstein.

P.S. Your Questions Answered:

Amy, the Playmobil Nativity Scene (Camel and Wise Men sold separately) came from a local Everything Store here in town that went out of business a couple years ago. It’s the only one we have until I find one that I really-really love. (Side note to SIL: yes, the olive-wood one you sent was really lovely, but… didn’t survive the journey from you to us. Sorry about the postal gorillas.)

Vicki, that’s a closeup from the Entrelac bag, listed among my projects in Ravelry – the pattern is published on my other blog, here, and the yarn is the Wollmeise worsted-weight sampler-set. Very fun project.


2 responses to “um, hi!

  • amy

    The not-knowing would drive me insane, too. Stupid economy. I’m going to have to Google Playmobil and see if they still sell that, you know. I’d like one the kids can touch without me having a coronary. Right now we don’t have any, which is fine, I’m not particularly Christian. I’m more pan-something or other. I should Google and see if Playmobil has a menorah, too.

  • amy

    Yay, they do still sell it! It was only $18 on the Playmobil site, versus $69 on Amazon. What’s up with that, do you think? Same product id # and everything. Wee-hee, we’ll have one too. đŸ™‚

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