another Friday Market post

biokiste Except it’s Thursday, not Friday, and I don’t go there, they just bring it to me. Behold globalization’s bounty – the bananas, though organic and fairly traded, are from Ecuador. I guess some compromises have to be made: I frequently find myself at the grocery store having to choose between the styrofoam-packed organic apples from New Zealand, and the pesticide-laden apples in a recyclable cardboard box from right nearby. The milk people also clearly do not know their market – waxed paper cartons of organic? Or deposit-bottles from the factory farm? C’mon, folks, it’s not rocket science.

Anyway. Apples, avocados, the aforementioned bananas, fennel, cress, napa cabbage (that’s what Wikipedia says it’s called), beets, lambs lettuce, feldsalat, which Wikipedia calls Valerianella – I think Wikipedia may be confused), cherry tomatoes, two cucumbers, and a kilo of carrots. There’s also a weird celery root clump and some turnips leftover from last week, so I think a vat of vegetable soup is the thing. And sometime this weekend, I’ll try out Kelly‘s mashed potatoes with beets recipe, with some hunka meat and Mir‘s favorite corn bread recipe. Ignatz has been wanting to try guacamole, and the cabbage will make a nice salad with bacon and caraway.


Song du jour of the day: Hamma! by Culcha Candela.


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