accidental holiday

So um, Tuesday, I think, I decided to defrost the freezer, because I am the world expert in having fun it was finally cold enough to put the frozen food outside. The freezer was really… froze, and after 14 hours or so there was still ice in there, so I had to leave it overnight. And it turns out, it wasn’t really cold enough to put the frozen food outside – it all thawed. Oops.

So I threw away the herbs – a project of DrBob’s, I myself am willing to settle for the dry stuff – and the peas and creamed spinach. Cooked up the chicken for chicken salad, we’ll be eating a lot of tortillas (16, actually) this weekend, made vegetable beef soup and several smoothies, and the no-longer-frozen berries joined some elderly apples and 1/3 of a bag of dried cranberries of unknown age in an apple pie – I never have enough apples for a whole pie, so I always wind up throwing in something as filler – a couple of ageing pears, some blackberries from the garden, whatever. (Apples + scraps should equal scrapple, but that word is already used for a disgusting pork mush product. Very sad.) And the chili will have some lovely corn muffins to go with it, thanks to Amy who sent me a bag of corn meal, along with some other happy things.

Of course, it’s not a holiday here, so DrBob spent the day in Utrecht (he’s headed this way now, on the night train), and the kids went to school as usual, but, you know. Mama spent two days in the kitchen, and if that’s not a holiday, then what is?

Song du jour of the day: The Night Pat Murphy Died, by Great Big Sea.


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