Angry. Disappointed. Disgusted.

Yoo hoo! A-little-over-half-of Califoooooornia!

WTF is up with Prop 8? You’re letting Mormons tell you what marriage is supposed to look like? Remember the pledge you said every day in grade school? It ended with “Liberty and justice for all.” Didja get that last word there? ALL. That means Everyone.

(Ahem. The following is possibly NSFK)

You know, I really hoped the message we were sending with Obama’s election is that this is no longer a country for bossy, self-righteous bigots. Thanks for proving me wrong. (Um, that was sarcasm. I thought I’d better point it out, just in case you were too stupid to recognize it.)

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Pass it on. Read up, make your own, and sign up here.


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