Jubilant. Relieved. Grateful.

Well Germany’s over the moon about our new president-elect, and the weather’s playing along – it’s like May out there, 68° and sunny. I am happy too, but also… so very sleepy. When 5 a.m. rolled around I decided I was too tired to hold out any longer, but just then McCain came out and made his concession speech (incredibly gracious and honorable. Respect, dude), and then I wasn’t tired anymore. Then I had to wait for Obama’s speech (also excellent) and then the WA governor results (yesss! Clear enough for ya, Rossi? Now go crawl back under your rock and don’t come out until you’ve developed a decent education policy).

I got to bed at 7 this morning, got up at 10 because both of my sons had overnight guests and that’s when the noise level was enough to penetrate my fatigue. Now the house is quiet, but the bedroom is on the sunny side, and I’ll never get to sleep in there. Maybe I’m too excited to sleep anyway.

Song du jour of the day: Yes We Can, by Barack Obama and will.i.am


2 responses to “Jubilant. Relieved. Grateful.

  • amy

    I saw McCain’s speech, but I FELL ASLEEP BEFORE OBAMA’S!! I’m so bummed. But dude, the baby didn’t sleep and when she finally settled down, I did the narcolepsy thing. I’m going to have to find a copy of his speech online somewhere.

  • leil

    AMAZING! I listened to it…restrained, sober, and magnanimous. I loved the fact that he spoke both to his supporters and those who didn’t support him, extending a branch of peace as it were. If he does nothing else, that in itself is a wonderful thing.

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