before I forget

Hey, I went to Utrecht this week! And now it was like three whole days ago, so I can barely remember it. The University had an Event on Monday evening for new professors and their partners/spouses (spice?) on the 20th, and we both felt that it would be good for me to be there. So I packed my very spiffiest clothes, and we went shoe-shopping in Utrecht on Monday afternoon. I am the anti-Imelda: I have Doc Martens, Chuck Taylors, the cowboy wellies, and one pair of minimalist sandals, that’s all. DrBob felt that none of these were appropriate for an evening event (hmm, says my friend Amanda. Time to break out the sparkly flip-flops?). While we were shoe shopping, the hem on the right leg of my spiffy wool trousers fell down. Just came undone, just like that, flump! Harumph, so much for “you can dress her up but you can’t take her out” – can’t even dress me up, jeez.

We fixed them with DrBob’s miniature stapler. I’ve temporarily given up on sewing, so I pay a local woman to patch and repair our clothes. Can’t wait to explain the mini-staples to her.

Okay but the evening was fine! A lot of it was in Dutch, and I was able to pick up a word here and there: “good”, “all”, “two”, not enough to gain any sense of what was being said. But I didn’t fall asleep and drool, so I’m counting that a victory (watch out, Sarah Palin). And at the dinnery-thing, they seated me next to the University President! Hah! SO much potential for disaster there, but nope, I made small-talk and didn’t do anything embarrassing… that I’m aware of, anyway.

And the next day we drove around with a colleague of DrBob’s who has lived in Utrecht since he was 17, and he bought a house last year, and he showed us some neighborhoods that would be good to live in and talked about the whole process. Good information to have. We’re still tracking, but I think we’ll start looking seriously after Christmas. There’s just too much else happening between now and then.

Oh, and Tuesday way my birthday and now I’m 38.

Song du jour of the day: Young Americans, by David Bowie.

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