probably okay

Ignatz’s headbump looked a lot better this morning, the bruise was nearly invisible, and he said he felt fine. He has a very good record, our Ignatz – he never says he’s sick when he isn’t, and he does ask for help when he needs it, so I actually trust him on such matters. I asked if there was any reason to take him to the doctor and he said no, so I didn’t.

I still think it was a concussion, but a mild one, and Dr Google says that treatment is basically monitoring and rest, and making sure it doesn’t happen again for at least a few weeks, because there can be a cumulative effect. So he’s under orders not to rough-house with his friends (he actually requested those orders, so that when they want to wrestle he can honestly say “my mom said no” – seriously, Best. Kid. Ever.), but I’ll send him back to Tae Kwon Do on monday as long as he remains symptomless.


P.S. Nasty fight with the Sniglet today. So. Batting .500, I guess.

Song du jour of the day: Keep Breathing, by Ingrid Michaelson


2 responses to “probably okay

  • amy

    Glad the head seems fine. I’ve only ever once been around someone with a concussion, and it wasn’t mild. Scary stuff. We took him to the emergency room when he started saying the same things over and over, without any knowledge that he’d had that conversation before. (We were in college.) Fun night, I tell you.

  • alala

    Ah, yes, college. Egad, I’d forgotten how we used to be at that age. I’m locking my kids in the attic, right now.

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