a little stuck

I swear I’ve been staring at this screen for an hour. Here’s the thing: I know my life’s pretty much sunshine and bunnies, and I don’t have any serious problems, but that makes for boring writing. Stories need conflict, and crappy situations make for better blogging – but only if you can make them funny.

So I’ve been stressed out lately, but it’s not that serious, and I can’t make it funny. I can’t vent to my husband, because he’ll take it too seriously and stress himself out trying to solve my problems when all I want is someone to listen. Don’t want to vent here, because y’all will (quite rightly) say “gyaaaah! ya want some cheese with that whine?” and take me off your blogrolls.

So go read what the Dutch are doing about this financial mess instead. Or see what Slavoj Žižek has to say about the bailout. He’s occasionally weird, but always interesting. Lately, I am not.

Song du jour of the day: Dancing With Myself, by Billy Idol.


3 responses to “a little stuck

  • Melanie

    I went to a workshop called “Finding Balance through Yoga and Knitting” and showed off my hip-ness by knowing about knitting blogs and Ravelry. From you. I can bind off now. And the yoga was good, it was tailored specifically for doing in a chair, while you are taking a break from you knitting.

    And you can vent to me and I will validate you. I had the stupidest most annoying example of trying to get support from one’s husband thing happen. Not only did he miss the point, not be supportive and just be annoying, but he wouldn’t let me finish my vent!!!! My, what bad sentence structure….

    kiss kiss

  • Elemmaciltur

    You know you can always whine to me, right? I mean, I whine to you all the time. 🙂

  • alala

    Yeah, but it’s not true anymore! I mean, I’m feeling much better today, and if I’d actually posted everything I was feeling yesterday (I deleted about five times as much text as I published), I would have given those emotions enough weight that they would have squatted on me all week. Instead they got sidetracked and wandered off.

    See? All better now.

    But thanks, Elemm. And Melanie, in such circumstances, it is permissible to slap your husband. You can tell him I said so.

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