a modern modest proposal

Right, then. According to the Guardian, huge bonuses for City high flyers will be hard to rein in. Apparently, “Staff will go abroad if pay is restricted, say bosses.” They’re threatening to piss off to Mumbai or Shanghai or Dubai if anyone threatens to make them pay taxes like normal people.

To which I think the public should say: fine. You have one hour, you can take one suitcase. Your houses, cars, bling and other assets now belong to the government – think of it as back taxes. Be sure to buy a one-way ticket, because you won’t be coming back. If you try, we’ll have snipers waiting for you at the airport.

Buh-bye now.

Actually, perhaps I shouldn’t be referencing Swift in the post title, because he meant his proposal as biting satire, and I’m a little more than half serious. These parasites have brought us to the brink of disaster – why is anyone still listening to them?

Sorry for the scant posting recently, btw. A touch of Blogger’s Block, and a fair bit of time following the banking crisis over here in Europe. It really is fascinating to watch: Iceland’s on the brink of collapse, looking to Russia for help, and the UK’s threatening to sue Iceland for collapsing (hellew? What do you expect to gain from suing someone who’s broke? That’s about as dumb as shutting down an entire country’s manufacturing sector and basing its economy on parasitic City of London gamblers… oh, wait). Governments are scrambling to insure the public’s bank deposits while chewing eachother out for doing same. Crazy. Bizarre. And I haven’t even had time to see what’s happening in Asia.

Song du jour of the day: Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards’ cover of To Have and to Have Not, originally by the incomparable Billy Bragg.


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