more on that…

Amy said,

maybe I’d decide he didn’t deserve the trust of having a TV in his room and I’d take that away.

Umm, yeah, it’s not really the “trust of having a TV.” More like “you have the biggest room in the house and we have a lot of extra junk, so here, store some of it.” I generally don’t approve of TV in a kid’s room, but this didn’t seem to count. It’s a teeny old TV with a built-in VCR, and there’s no cable hookup in Ig’s room (and out here in the boonies, no cable = no TV at all), so the boys are free to watch all the Thomas the Tank Engine and Schoolhouse Rock videos they want.

Leil said,

Maybe tell Dr Bob later. Although–does he read your blog?

Nope. He has my knitting blog bookmarked, but I don’t think he ever checks it.

Alke said,

You don’t have small dilemma’s have you?

Why no! Those would be boring!

Yeah, sell it, y’all said. Might as well. And DrBob’s home almost every weekend, but not next weekend, so maybe I’ll tell him via Google Talk on Monday evening, and then he won’t be back for like ten days, and that’ll give him time to cool down. That would probably protect Ignatz from the worst of his rage – okay, not rage. Blistering annoyance, perhaps.

But I’m not only concerned with Ignatz, here. DrBob is doing great at his new job, and I think he’s really happy there, but he has a lot to do, and not a lot of time, and it’s not exactly relaxing, this first year. I have my own problems right now too, but I’m not telling him about them because I don’t want to add family trouble to his list of things to worry about. One of the things I’ve learned in 14 years of marriage is that not everything needs to be said. I’m just not sure whether this is a thing that needs to be said, or a thing that I should deal with on my own.

Well, I guess I don’t have to decide right away. The dang thing’s been in the house since March.

Song du jour of the day: Think, by Aretha Franklin.


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