Still sick, but without the sore throat, so I’m much less unhappy about it. When I get sick I totally rock the Dying Swan thing. I take to my bed like a heroine in a Victorian romance novel, swooning and slurping down gallons of herbal tea and chicken broth, taking long hot baths and saying things like “oh what will become of my poor children once I’m gone?”

It’s great fun.

DrBob, on the other hand, goes the growly-stoic route, claims he’s too busy to be sick, and soldiers bravely on through the sniffles and headaches (while bravely making sure we all know exactly how much he’s suffering). I’ve noticed over the years that he tends to stay sick for weeks, whereas I’ve usually forgotten the whole episode by Day 3: “what? I was sick? When?” Okay, since the pneumonia it’s more like Day 5, but still. Being a total weenie totally pays off.

Song du jour: It’s All Right, by The Impressions. I think I used this one quite recently, but it’s playing on my radio right now.


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