DrBob will be home every weekend from now on, but he didn’t come home last weekend, so I had ten days in a row alone with the boys. And then I went to Benediktbeuern for one day and a night, and then had to come back early so I could take him to the airport. So that was my weekend and it was really fun but now I’m feverish and my throat hurts (that is my very very LEASTEST favorite symptom, you know, of the normal ones. It’s probably better than melting eyeballs, but that hardly ever happens) and that means I’m coming down with a cold. And he’s gone and I’m on my own with the boys, and I’m trying hard to be consistent and follow routines and check their homework and feed them decent food and basically be Somebody Other Than Me and it was already really difficult and now I have to do it sick.

Also, it’s cold. Fall has, well, fallen. Like a ton of very chilly bricks. It’s time to start heating the house, but we #*@&ing can’t because:

1. there is a massive digging-up-the-ground project in front of our house – I think the city put some kind of furnace under the hill and they’ve spent the summer digging up the ground to pipe it into most of the houses in our little clump here (not ours). They dug a really big hole where we usually park and then they went on vacation for like a month and just left it there. And now they’re connecting the heatery-thing to the hospital, which is across the B15 (highway) from us. So we all have to jockey for parking, and ask the nice men to move the gigantic shovel loader so we can go to the grocery store and it’s taking forever, so nobody can get a truck up the hill with firewood. You used to could bring it down the hill behind our house, but

2. That space is now occupied by a crane that is needed for a massive re-roofing project that, again, is benefitting everyone in our little housing clump except for the four of us who also aren’t getting the heating-thing. That was the place where the neighborhood kids play, but this summer they couldn’t. So they spent the summer in my house. Shouting.

We are not very fond of our neighbors right now. Also, we are cold. And we can’t get firewood until they finish all their stupid disruptive projects.

Yes, I know I can turn on the heat. I don’t want to. I want to burn things.

So here’s me in self-pity. Unattractive, ick. Note to self: get over you before you blog again.

Song du jour of the day: Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens, by the Muppets.


3 responses to “wallow

  • amy

    The self-pity is going around, and I say right back atcha (what you said to me): I will totally understand if you continue to blog about it, and I will continue to read, too. I’ve been there (sick, single parent). I’ve been the sick single parent while pregnant, too (not this pregnancy, the last one). I feel you have every right to wallow.

    And the heating thing just sucks all the way around. We’re trying to figure out the best plan of attack for the oil bill this winter…

  • Elemmaciltur

    Well, finish knitting one of your sweater already, then you won’t be that cold. :-p

  • alala

    @amy: I would, but my self-pity tends to spiral. It really needs to be nipped in the bud, before I do something stupid.

    @elemm: umm, currently obsessed with socks and a glove. A sweater would be a sensible project, wouldn’t it?

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