Daily Archives: 8 September 2008


Writing ability is like a muscle, you have to exercise it to keep it strong. But you have to stretch it too, to stay flexible, and I kind of forgot about that. I’m currently translating a website for a local teenaged motorcycle racer, and whoa, motorcycle lingo. Not my usual vocabulary, eh? So I’m reading online motorcycle magazines to get a feel for the way they write and talk, and scrambling my brain trying to unscramble German idioms. This is not the novels I read, or the scholarly stuff I proofread for DrBob, and I can see myself shifting in and out of register as I read back over what I’ve written.

I think I need to get more into The Writing World, hang out in online communities, do exercises to keep myself flexible, that sort of thing. Wish I had the attention span for that. Today was the Sniglet’s first soccer practice after the summer break, and I forgot to bring his shinguards and his water bottle. Bad, bad mom.

Song du jour of the day: Get Some Sleep, by Bic Runga. She has the prettiest face I have ever seen.