Monthly Archives: August 2008


I’m putting a lot of effort into Not Thinking About the fact that there’s been no word at all from the people who are supposed to fix my computer. I’m sure that’s a good sign, somehow…

Okay, but there has been good stuff happening! Wow, I didn’t realize how much time I spend at the computer, because since I haven’t been doing that, things are getting clean! And organized! And some things are getting gone, recycled or donated or otherwise off my to-do list. There’s a big metal container-thing where we can drop used clothes, which are then shipped to Africa to destroy the local textile industries, or else they are shredded to make cushion stuffing right here in Germany (reports vary on the ultimate destiny of cast-off clothes), and I have dumped lots of bags in there. Without even once looking inside to make extra sure that I really don’t need them anymore – that tendency has been my undoing on previous occasions. Continue reading