looking forward

So DrBob talked to a BankDude in the Netherlands about buying a house, and we have a sort of baseline number for how much money they’ll be willing to lend us. It’s based on assumptions that may not turn out to be true (e.g., that I won’t work. I almost certainly will, but there’s no way to know how much I’ll earn, so we can’t really take that into account), but you need to establish a few basic things so you can move on to doing the math.

I took that number and wandered over to funda.nl, to see what sort of house we could get for that much. I marked DrBob’s office on a big map of Utrecht – it already has the libraries and schools marked on it, which makes it a very good map – and chose a few neighborhoods for us to scout. We’ll get in on Monday morning, dump our luggage at DrBob’s apartment, and do some walkabout, check out Oudwijk, Tuinwijk, Tuindorp, Wittevrouwen, and Oog in Al, though probably not all on the same day. Visit parks and libraries, look at houses and schools, and just try to get a feel for the neighborhood.

Then on Wednesday we’ll go up to this hotel for our official vacation of 2008: three days on a beach. There has to be a beach, or it’s not a vacation, for a German. No German ever says this aloud, of course, but simply observing their behavior will show you that it’s true. And after that we’re back in Utrecht until we all decide to come home in the Dadmobile.

So. That’s the plan. DrBob is currently at Dutch-learning boot camp, the Sniglet is with the in-laws, and Ignatz spent the last few nights at his friend Felix’s house, so I’ve been alone for um, three days now, I think. I have all this time to knit and watch TV and read (and clean like a crazy woman), but for some reason I’m already on that beach in spirit. Life here and now is anything but hard, so I can’t imagine why I’m so keen to escape it for a few days. But I am.

Song du jour of the day: Promised Land, by Bruce Springsteen.

2 responses to “looking forward

  • Melanie

    Wowowowowowowow! You sound so very very organized. And like you’re actually moving to a whole new country, very exciting. Speaking of language learning schools, what does it take to be a teacher of english in Europe? A lot more than it does in much of Asia, I am assuming. Dreaming of a summer or more over there one year soon…………..

  • Elemmaciltur

    What?! You were alone for three days and you didn’t come and knit with me?! *sobs*

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