I’m putting a lot of effort into Not Thinking About the fact that there’s been no word at all from the people who are supposed to fix my computer. I’m sure that’s a good sign, somehow…

Okay, but there has been good stuff happening! Wow, I didn’t realize how much time I spend at the computer, because since I haven’t been doing that, things are getting clean! And organized! And some things are getting gone, recycled or donated or otherwise off my to-do list. There’s a big metal container-thing where we can drop used clothes, which are then shipped to Africa to destroy the local textile industries, or else they are shredded to make cushion stuffing right here in Germany (reports vary on the ultimate destiny of cast-off clothes), and I have dumped lots of bags in there. Without even once looking inside to make extra sure that I really don’t need them anymore – that tendency has been my undoing on previous occasions.

And! My fridge is clean! Like, catalog-clean, except that, unlike in catalogs, the few items in there are not all the same color. But spills are wiped up (or scraped up, in the case of some of the older ones) and there is lots of pristine empty space! Of course, there’s nothing in there for my family to eat, unless you can think of something to make with leftover schnitzel, green olives, and maple syrup, but a true visionary doesn’t let herself get bogged down by trivialities. The point is, the fridge is clean.

Anyway. Newses. The kids are out of school, yes I realize that Bavarian children are the last ones in the northern hemisphere to start summer vacation, and if I complain now I will get nothing from y’all but a bitter, hollow laugh, but still. Not looking forward to six weeks of “I’m bored.”

DrBob left for Utrecht this morning and is happily installed in his new, temporary appartment. Note that his departure coincides neatly with the kids’ release from school. Hm.

Anything else? Well, nothing that seems important, in retrospect. A birthday party, a soccer game, a local craft-fair thing, much fun but little blog-fodder. DrBob will be back briefly at the end of this week, then he’ll leave again for language school. On the 17th we’ll take the night-train up there for a family vacation-let, three days on a beachy island here, and a few more days checking out Utrecht, scouting possible neighborhoods, locating schools and libraries – the sort of thing I would find quite fun if I didn’t have to do it with complaining children in tow. Ah well. “Wenn’s sein muss,” as the Bavarians say. The Sniglet says this a lot, in translation: “When it hafta be.”

Song (virus) du jour of the day: Shattered, by the Rolling Stones.


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