Daily Archives: 25 July 2008


The Blue Screen of Death! Oh noes! From one minute to the next, my computer was fine and then it was not. We took it to the shop and they said they have to send it in to HP because the problem is too serious for them to deal with. Ack. So in a week or so I’ll find out how much it costs to fix, and then I’ll have to wait for that to be done.

I could use my old computer, or DrBob’s old computer, or DrBob’s new computer, which is what I’m actually using – since he’ll be in transit a lot, he bought this eensy-weensy laptop (ha! spell-check accepts weensy, but not eensy), which I can use until he goes to Utrecht. And I do use it to check email once a day, and right now to let you know that I’m going on semi-hiatus, but it’s tiny and makes me squint and produce too many typos, and besides: I really do need to take a break.

On Thursday I got the Sniglet’s bedroom floor clear and his sheets changed, organized the living room so that it’s now ready for the move (the challenge will be keeping it that way) and got caught up on the laundry. Today I reorganized my whole yarn stash and washed all the kids’ winter things. I’m getting stuff DONE, now that I don’t sit at a computer all day, and that is very, very good. So I am going to see this setback as an opportunity. I’ll still check email and ravelry every day, so you can reach me if you need to, but otherwise, I’ll be out indulging my inner clean-freak. I’ll miss you, but seriously, this tiny screen makes me crazy. And I’ll be back.

Song du jour of the day: Say A Little Prayer, by Aretha Franklin