consider me crunched

Whoo. Okay, crunch time at work is over, for me. My co-workers have another two weeks of ripping their hair out (so if you pray or light candles or whatever, point that in their direction please, because my brain is fried to a crispy golden brown, so I can only imagine what state they’ll be in by August 1st), but I am technically free. Free to do all the stuff I put off because I was up to my ears in work. Yay! Probably.

Dr. Horrible Act III: wha-? Ow! Whoa. I feel so very many things at the same time, I can’t… waaugh.

Kittens. Two left, nine weeks old, driving me crazy. I mean, they are adorable and funny and entertaining – oh, and? Remember we were giving Jermaine icky wet cat food because she wouldn’t eat and wasn’t growing? Well, it worked a treat, she was noticeably friskier within days, and now she’s the same size as her sister. On Monday DrBob went off to Poland, and I decided to wean her from the icky stuff onto regular crunchies, so we cut back from 3x/day to once a day, and then down to none, and she was fine. Then DrBob came home, and she was all over him with the mewing and the cute, and he melted and gave her the icky stuff before he even had a chance to sit down and take his shoes off. She has got him so trained. Heh.

Today was the day they were supposed to go to their new home. Unfortunately, their new home changed her mind, fiddle-dee-dee, and didn’t even bother to tell us until today. So here we are in the lurch. Okay, I’m glad I didn’t hand tiny innocent kittens over to someone so irresponsible, but I kinda thought I’d be getting my house back this weekend. And I turned other people down who wanted them, AND held onto them for an extra week for her convenience, and now this. So VERY annoyed.

Any other news? Probably. When I remember what it is, I’ll let you know.

Song du jour of the day: It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), by REM.

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