LOVED Act II of Dr. Horrible, so did Ignatz. The Sniglet, well, I think maybe seven is a tad too young for “the hammer is my penis.” But this is awesome! The whole internet-musical about a low-rent villain protagonist and hero antagonist is awe! some! Drink!*

*You should drink whenever I say “awesome.” I ripped this off from Will Write For Wine. I think it is an excellent idea, not because I want to say awesome less, but because I think you should drink more. You’re welcome!

News: DrBob is safe home from Poland. He had a good time. Yay. Also, even though he is about to be the administrative head of a Spanish Department in a highly-regarded and high-ranking university, other academics still frequently mistake him for a student, even when his tattoos aren’t showing. I think this is hilarious.

Song du jour of the day: Neil and Felicia’s duet at the beginning of Act II. Total song virus, and a fantastic look at two very different aspects of being in love.


One response to “awesomer!

  • leil

    so, just curious. Does Dr Bob think it is hilarious that other academics think he is still a student??

    the tattoo thing is interesting. Went to Oregon Country Fair last weekend with my lovely friend Mk and we were noticing that we were some of the very small minority without tattoos. so this led to an interesting conversation about changes in dress codes, and so on. My office doesn’t really allow tattoos. I mean, they are supposed to be covered up, and inoffensive. But who decides what is offensive? or what is covered up? OCF, by the by, was fabulous

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