Daily Archives: 18 July 2008


LOVED Act II of Dr. Horrible, so did Ignatz. The Sniglet, well, I think maybe seven is a tad too young for “the hammer is my penis.” But this is awesome! The whole internet-musical about a low-rent villain protagonist and hero antagonist is awe! some! Drink!*

*You should drink whenever I say “awesome.” I ripped this off from Will Write For Wine. I think it is an excellent idea, not because I want to say awesome less, but because I think you should drink more. You’re welcome!

News: DrBob is safe home from Poland. He had a good time. Yay. Also, even though he is about to be the administrative head of a Spanish Department in a highly-regarded and high-ranking university, other academics still frequently mistake him for a student, even when his tattoos aren’t showing. I think this is hilarious.

Song du jour of the day: Neil and Felicia’s duet at the beginning of Act II. Total song virus, and a fantastic look at two very different aspects of being in love.