SO this morning I bounded out of bed, caroling “IT’S TUESDAY!” and scaring the cats, hustled the kids out the door (I’m pretty sure I let them get dressed first) and sat down to watch Act One of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, all scampery and excited, and…

not available outside the U.S.

PANTS! Great big, steaming, mile-high piles of PANTS! Also, Daaarrrrgh! Okay so I hustled over to Whedonesque and read the comments, and sure enough, somebody in Australia had a workaround. So I downloaded Hotspot Shield so that I could see it, which was probably all kinds of illegal, as if I care, the Entertainment Industry(tm) and its lawsuits can BITE ME, the scum-sucking, profit-whoring ass-maggots… oops, um, alert! This post is Not Safe For Kids!

But I digress.

It was all stoppy, which was annoying, and I only got to see it without the stops on the seventh or eighth run-through (what? Oh like you didn’t watch it at least that many times), but it is oh so many kinds of awesome I can’t even tell you. Well I don’t have to, because it’s Joss! Whedon! Also Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and I am now a strong proponent of polygamy so I can marry them all that is how much I love love love them. Yes, I already have a husband, but he’s in Poland. By the time he gets back it’ll be too late, muahahaha.

After a few hours they managed to get it viewable to Evil Foreign Probably Terrorists Because If They Were Decent Folks They’d Live In God Bless America Dammit, and the international fans were so excited they came whooshing in and crashed the site. Understandable, really. So now I get the problem-loading-page page, but I actually left Act One up all day (so I could watch it two, three, seventeen times) so I can still see it any time I want HA! But I can’t shut that tab or shut down my computer or close my eyes ever again because I might not be able to get it back.

Song du jour of the day: Letter from Bad Horse.

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