Daily Archives: 10 July 2008

let’s not do this again soon.

Today it was Lilu’s turn to get fixed, so she wasn’t allowed to have food all day, so I had to lock her in my office. But the kittens needed the litter box downstairs, so she used… a corner. For her diarrhea. Ew. Wash hands wash hands wash hands.

At 3 we took her down to the vet. He said to come back in an hour, so since we had time to kill, we went to check out the new car wash. It’s cool, there’s this water-wand thing, and you put your token in the machine and push all these buttons to get different substances blasted at your car at different pressures. DrBob handled the water-wand aspect of things (because when I tried it I nearly blasted myself across the lot). I put coins in the machine and pushed buttons. We got a little damp. End fun interlude. Continue reading