I’m a really bad housewife. I’m basically a helpless clean-freak – I will never, ever get this place as clean as I want it (you should be able to perform surgery on any surface in my house, dammit), so I usually don’t try. Well, I do try, but then I spend half an hour making sure all the spoons in the silverware drawer face the right way because if they don’t my eye will twitch FOREVER. Yes, I did do that today. (Hey, at least I wasn’t ironing dish towels – that’s for next weekend.) No, it doesn’t help to shut the drawer because I WILL STILL KNOW. Because of my focus problems, it’s hard to find the motivation to get started, so a lot doesn’t get done.

So. For the last few weeks there have been hundreds of titles to process for my job, and a book and two articles to proofread for Mr. Husband, and very, very much time in front of the computer and when I did have time to take a break, I got to use my two free minutes to clean out a litter-box, yay. But today I reached a stopping point: all the texts and titles were proofread and processed, and the next ones aren’t ready for me yet, so I had a whole day to be Just A Housewife. And it was blissful. I got so much stuff done – okay the house isn’t much cleaner, but I bought fresh food and fed it to my family, and the cats are de-fleaed and have appointments to get fixed (Lilu) and microchipped (both) and I ran about a hundred errands and it was great. I picked the Sniglet up from school. I sat still and listened to my husband when he wanted to tell me something. I found time to blog. I wrote emails too, and didn’t forget someone’s birthday.

I’ve always said that I was lucky that we could afford for me to stay home with the boys, but the fact is, I wasn’t always feeling it. I mean, I feel lucky that I can do this, but I’m not sure it’s really what I want to do. Today, though, I’m learning to appreciate it. Huh. Wonder how long that’ll last…

Now I think I’ll go spend some time with my husband, instead of collapsing exhausted into bed with the grim knowledge that I have to get up in five hours and slog some more. What a concept.

Song du jour of the day: Brandy Alexander, by Feist.

3 responses to “housewifery

  • amy

    My kitchen counters have been spotless since the ants showed up–talk about motivation. Any open food has to find a cupboard to go into. The counters get sprayed down constantly. You probably COULD perform surgery on them, except for the possibility of a lingering ant crawling into the surgical theater.

    I feel lucky, too. However, I’m getting ready to spend my evening doing more organizational work for beginning homeschooling in earnest next month. I’ve decided, now that we’re hitting a proper grade instead of kindergarten, that this is a job in and of itself. I missed half an awesome baseball game last night because I was in here, planning! Grr.

  • ann

    there’s medicine you can take for that ‘spoons in the drawer’ thing. I have tried to remove kitty stitches on my kitchen table – got it pretty clean – kitty would have none of it .

  • on drugs « alala

    […] I mean to address this a long time ago. Ann says: there’s medicine you can take for that ’spoons in the drawer’ […]

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