dangit, dangit, dangit

No kitten pics at the weekend. Only houseguests on saturday, work work work today, and being sick, sick, sick through it all. This cold did have the miraculous property of condensing nine days of suffering into three days, but they were three very intense days. And I finally crawled out of my hacking, sniffling, working cave this evening, just in time to watch Germany lose to Spain. Tomorrow I will note that second place is not bad. Tomorrow I will understand that Spain simply played better than Germany, and you could have seen that the teams in the C-D groups were a lot tougher than the A-B teams, and so predicted that the best team from C and D would be the better team, would have worked harder and deserved that win more. Tomorrow I will remember that I really liked the Spanish team.

But tonight, all I can say is we lost. Dangit, dangit, dangit.

Song du jour of the day: my usual sports anthem. Love Stinks. By the J. Geils Band.


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