Kitten pics, um, soon? Maybe this weekend. Kitten news: Lilu is still trying to get them up to the Sniglet’s room. I take them up to visit every once in awhile, but they can’t stay there. He is wholly incapable of getting or keeping his room clean, and I prefer not to add a litter box, water dish, and kitten food to the mess.

But still she tries. They are too big to carry, so she chirps at them and they follow, reluctantly, and they are still much too small to manage the stairs but for her, they try. The stairs, as I said, are slats without risers, so they could easily fall through and down to the next flight. They usually make it up or down two stairs, realize they’re in trouble, and mew for help. So tonight at dinner I heard the kitten-in-distress mew and bolted for the stairs, and just as I reached them, Jermaine smacked onto the step in front of me. A straight-down fall of oh, nine or ten feet I’d say. It made a shockingly loud sound. I picked her up and she clawed me, desperate and panicked, so I put her on the couch where she trembled violently for about five minutes. Poor thing. I spoke very firmly to Lilu about this. Jermaine seems to be okay, but I can’t let that happen again, so my office door needs to be closed when I’m not in it, and we’ll just have to let Lilu in and out.


Song du jour of the day: um, is there anything called What the HELL Were You Thinking, You Stupid Cat? There should be.


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