temporary fade

dang, drat, rats, piffle… POOP! I really wanted the Dutch to win this game. They really didn’t deserve to. They were so bad tonight, they played like… like Swedes.

Sigh. So much for the betting-table supremacy, I’m headed downhill from here. But last night DrBob’s soccer buddies all drank to me and made jokes and that was very fun. Moment in the sun and all that.

Anyway, I’m here to say, I’ll be kind of… less present for awhile. It’s crunch time at work again, the books go to press at the end of next month, so they need as many hours as I can give them. And DrBob’s just finished working in the revisions on his (um. Third? Fourth? well, his latest) book, which means I’ve got 300 or so pages to proofread before he sends it in to the publishers. Therefore, time spent at the computer for the next five or six weeks will be spent Not Blogging. At least not very much. If anything happens I’ll be sure and let you know, but there won’t be so much of the random pointless nerbling of which you’ve all grown so fond.

I’m sure you’ll find a way to cope.

Song du jour of the day: I Will Remember You, by Sarah McLachlan.


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