kitten update

New kitten pictures up! I brought them down to my office to visit me, which freaked Lilu right out. They all hustled to use the litter box and inhale a bunch of crunchies before could be moved back up to the Sniglet’s attic room. Sigh. I’d rather have them down here, but I don’t know how to convince Lilu of that.

Um, they’re growing! And climbing, and fighting and purring and climbing and being fabulous. And then climbing some more. When I go up to the Sniglet’s room to visit them, they all come running up to greet me. I will miss them a lot, but I think their new people will love them a lot, so that’s for the best, really.

No other news, except that Germany won tonight and is on to the semi-final. Woot.

Song du jour of the day: Are You Sure, by Aretha Franklin.


One response to “kitten update

  • amy

    Oh, yay Germany! For your sake, I mean. I don’t really have a vested interest. 🙂

    And yes, Chris thought maybe a pet for the Bruins’ sake would be okay.

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