bits and pieces

While grating onion for yesterday’s tuna casserole I accidentally grated my thumb. It still hurts. Dinner tonight was spaghetti – much safer.

The kittens get more able and into more trouble every day. Lilu has been trying to move them into another part of my closet since they were born. Today she moved them up to the Sniglet’s room. I don’t like this. There are a lot of stairs in this house, just slats without risers, very dangerous for tiny critters. Besides, they’re starting to poop, and his room is always so messy. On the other hand, my room smells really bad now, and it’ll be easier to vacuum and mop with the kittens gone. I’ll do that tomorrow, and then maybe think about moving them back here. I also intend to put up more photos, but can’t seem to find the… ehm. Germans call it Bock – “ich hab’ kein Bock” means “I don’t feel like doing it.” The English word escapes me.

The Euro Cup is very exciting, but we joined this little betting pool, just 38 people, and I’m doing really well – after three days in first place, I’ve slipped to second, and it’s causing me stress. I think I prefer being comfortably mediocre, there’s less pressure there.

Halfway through the month, we are cashless. We have a line of credit, we can take out €1000 more than we actually have in the account, but, you know, we have to pay interest on it until the next paycheck comes, and so we’re trying to spend less. Only… well. Things keep coming up.

  • A guy died a couple weeks ago, and I bought a bunch of his old DVDs, partly because I wanted them, but also to help his widow, because I know this place. Cleaning out Mom’s house, trying to honor her memory by keeping her things in use instead of taking them to the dump, but knowing I can’t keep it all myself, it’s overwhelming. And every little bit someone can do helps. I wanted to help.
  • DrBob bought a shirt and a jacket at the outlet store, for less than half of what they would have cost without the markdown, and necessary, you know – he’s going to be the administrative head of the Spanish department, he really does have to stop dressing like a werewolf. And when you find good things in an outlet, you have to seize the moment, but… it would have been better if that particular moment had come next month.
  • And then we got a bill for a late payment on our washing machine, the second late-charge, so DrBob just paid the whole thing off right now so these people wouldn’t bother us anymore.
  • And then the local seamstress called to say she’d patched all the boys’ jeans, hemmed my linen trousers, and fixed DrBob’s shirt – I took her a whole laundry basket of stuff, oh, more than a month ago, and now it needs to be paid for. Totally worth the money, but €80 is more right now than it usually is.

In other news, the Sniglet’s allergy attacks have calmed down, the bronchitis has cleared up, but he had to come home today because of what looks like an abcess on his gums. A natural part of losing baby-teeth and getting big-guy-teeth, said the dentist, not to worry – at least I think that’s what he said. He had this mask on, so I couldn’t see him speak. Did you know that my hearing is weak? I may not have mentioned it, but I “hear” almost as much with my eyes as with my ears, so if I can’t see your mouth, I miss a lot of what you say. Anyway, I have to take the Sniglet back in next Monday so the dentist can check again. I’m totally going to forget, just like I keep forgetting the €7 I owe his art teacher for various supplies over the course of the year. Oh dang, I was supposed to bring food to his after-school group at some point…

It’s crunch-time at work, they need me to put in more hours, which is excellent because I need the money. Also excellent is that we’ve set up a remote connection so I can do most of my job from home. This brings us to the slightly less-excellent bit, the thing you already know if you’ve ever worked from home – there is so much else to do here, that it’s very hard to focus. Fifteen minutes here, half an hour there, I’m lucky to put in two hours a day with chores and ringing phones and kids and pets.

DrBob talked to BankDude, and with his help we have decided it’s better to rent this house out than to try to sell it immediately. There are so many houses for sale in town right now, but we could probably find renters fairly easily. The in-laws will be here to deal with day-to-day matters, so it’s not the usual mess that renting from a distance would be. This means we need to decide when we want to move up to Utrecht, and frankly, the lame-duckness of my life here is making me think “now? howbout now?” That’s unrealistic, but we are thinking the sooner the better, i.e. probably October, November-ish. So that gives me about four months to get rid of everything I don’t want to take with us. There’s a lot.

Only, I keep getting stuck. All these little things flittering around my head all the time, I can’t concentrate on anything. And I’m not writing because there’s nothing much interesting going on, but if there were, I wouldn’t be able to see it because of all the little flittering things.

“I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once,” said Ashleigh Brilliant.

Song du jour of the day: I Think It’s Going to Work Out Fine, by Ry Cooder. Because it doesn’t have any words. Right now, I really like that in a song.


4 responses to “bits and pieces

  • amy

    Ack. Do you like lists? I like lists. And the more overwhelmed I feel, the more compulsively I make lists, until it gets to a point where I have meta-lists, lists of all my lists. The lists help. Not so much the meta-lists; I think that’s where I cross some major line.

    I last worked from home Before Children. Well, I got laid off when Vaughan was nine months old, but the last six months I was part-time and cramming much of it into nights and weekends when Chris was home. The only way for me to do it was to be disciplined and treat it like any other job and ignore all distractions. I’d get annoyed, though, when, say, the washing machine pipe overflowed and I had to deal with it because my “office” happened to be one floor up from the basement. Would it help to set a timer, and ignore all else? I miss working from home, but I’m not sure I could do it with kids.

  • Kel

    I wish I could come help!!

  • Melanie

    Arrgghh, thumb grating = one of my common nightmares

    Germans call it Bock – “ich hab’ kein Bock” means “I don’t feel like doing it.” The English word escapes me.
    How about “I can’t be arsed”. I like that one.

    I “work from home” um not very coherently, especially now that Ruby has shortened her naps (without my permission!)

    Good decision on the renting, thank heavens for IL’s.

    It’s not just you on the pressure thing. The social psych course I did last year lead me to an interesting study showing that Olympic bronze medal winners are more pleased than silver medal winners. It’s that “oooohhhh almost” feeling.

  • Nate

    re: missing your Bock… reminds me of a country song called “My give-a-damn’s busted”. How about gumption? not really ‘wherewithal’… I’ve also heard it as ‘can’t seem to find the “want-to”…’

    a hearty in-advance welcome to landlordliness, too.

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