how cute are we!?

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Now go make your own!

h/t to Chicka


6 responses to “how cute are we!?

  • amy

    Pretty cute! Nice entrelac up there, too. I haven’t commented in a bit…that’s new, yes? And hey, has that package shown up yet? I didn’t track it but I sort of think it should be there by now. I hope it’s not lost…

  • alala

    Oh! Yes! It did, sorry! Emailing you a big thank-you was on my to-do list. I’m sorry, it came that day I was feeling all blah, and it cheered me right up (and the kids say thank you for the organic pop-tarts) and I started a blog-post about it but I wasn’t feeling articulate enough to do it justice that day. The maple candy was delicious, and disappeared very quickly. Thank you thank you!

    Oh, and the entrelac is from a bag I knit out of the Wollmeise worsted-weight sample skeins.

  • amy

    No, don’t apologize. I don’t need a big thank you, it was just a few things. I just never trust the postal service. I’m glad it all arrived safely with no customs pilfering and tell the kids “you’re welcome!”

  • Kel

    Is that a HALO I see?

    Who do you think you’re kidding? >:)

  • alala

    It is a halo, and I totally deserve it for putting up with three stinky boys. (In your family, Kevin gets the halo. :-P)

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