and then my head exploded

In the Netherlands there are international schools, and Catholic schools, and bilingual schools and schools that focus on the Humanities, schools that prepare kids for university, or for various professions – there are altogether too many choices to get my head around, frankly. Oh, and I checked out the website of one school, and in the news-bit they said that all but 30 of the applicants got in, or something like that, which means we have to choose a first- and a second-choice school, just in case. Yay.

And where do we want to live? I’d like to be near a park – Utrecht is littered with them. I like living near water: Utrecht is also littered with canals. Bike paths and public transit? Everywhere. Do we want a smallish house right in town? If we moved further out, we could have more space (more space for me to dust and vacuum, urgh. Okay let’s go with small and central). Oh look, I feed in my criteria and finds 97 houses for sale right now that meet said criteria. There are too. many. choices! For someone who has trouble focusing on anything long enough to finish a sentence, this is a problem.

So DrBob was just up there, seeing his office, talking to his boss (Head of the Language department, named Hendrix, how cool is that?), etc, and he got back today. He said that the guy did mention that Amsterdam is only half an hour from Utrecht by train, so we could live in Amsterdam if we want!

Oh joy. More choices. Just what I need.

Song du jour of the day: Anchorage, by Michelle Shocked.


5 responses to “and then my head exploded

  • alke

    See, you will find the perfect space to live. Just search for rentals, that’s way less, move, settle a bit, learn what you want when you live here, then buy.
    How many years will Ignatz still go to one school? That would be a perfect timeframe to resettle. The sniglet will have to change schools anyway. So there is no hurry yet.
    BTW – finding a school looks like a nightmare…. aren’t there professionals Mr Hendrix could enlist? He wants DrBob to teach, so he know’s his peers….

  • Nate

    Time to invoke a simplified version of “Choosing By Advantages”. It’s best done by a committee, but you can do it. Here’s an idea (also known as “how we did it”): pick the things that are the most important that you be able to walk to. We narrowed our choices by saying the house must be within a half mile (for you, maybe less if you’re looking in the city) of at least three of these 7 things: school, church, park, transit, grocery store, library, and work. If you want, you can decide that, for example, school is 5 times more important than church because you go there 5 times as often. Maybe your list doesn’t include all of those things. Maybe the definition of “close enough” differs for each. Too many choices should be an easy problem to fix. Another criterion for us? The house had to be on a named street, not a numbered one. Then it’s just a matter of which advantages are most important to you.

  • Elemmaciltur

    I’m sooooo coming to visit you if you guys got a place in Amsterdam.

  • Breigh

    woah, you are moving to NL? MOVE TO ROTTERDAM AND TEACH ME TO KNIT! 😛

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