Ah, summer.

It was so hot, I just sat around sweating and cursing for a couple of days, there (note that I am a Seattleite with Swedish genes, so unbearably hot is, like, 80°). Muggy, too. The air felt so wet and heavy I expected it to rain any minute but it didn’t for days, and then today FATOOSH, all at once. So now it’s not hot, but the air is still wet and everything feels clammy. I half expect to find mushrooms growing out of the living room rug tomorrow morning. Yuck.

And I think that, with the heat, and then the clouds, my brain is kind of asleep. I have lot of opinions about things like the milk dispute, the fishermen, and certainly the food crisis, not to mention the Euro Cup starts in two days, but all I can articulate is a weary “pssh.”

Oh, right – I’ve been having trouble with my eyes; the Sniglet had two allergy attacks so bad he had to come home from school last week; now he’s wheezing when he breathes; and there’s a burning-metal smell when I run the dryer. No wonder I’m in this mood.

Huh. Wonder when it will go away.

Song do jour of the day: Unearth, by Steve Kilbey.


One response to “Ah, summer.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Ahhhh…the milk dispute. I wonder what that will bring now that the big discounters are raising the price. The news said that it wouldn’t bring anything for the farmers, if the secondary processors of milk products won’t raise prices, too. All this has to happen when I start chowing down all stuff dairy. *sighs*

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