First we have to find several secondary schools that would be right for Ignatz, and then we have to look near all of them for the primary school that would be best for the Sniglet. I want my kids to walk or bike to school – that is, I want their classmates to be our neighbors, if possible, I think it’s a better way to settle into a community. So it’s only once we’ve locked on a school that we can identify the neighborhood we want to live in and start looking for a house there. So the amount of time I spend over here is completely unjustified.

And yet, there I am.

Song du jour of the day: Our House, by Madness.


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  • alke

    Oh, no! It’s not!
    You have to know what to expect, what the prices do in all the neighbourhoods, what to look out for, how we advertise (you know, cosy room = locker etc.)
    Once you find the school and get him in, you’ll be knowledgable and nobody will fool you – not even a realtor.
    So it’s time well spend!

  • alala

    Oh, good, thank you for putting a positive spin on it. I feel much better.

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