speaking of new digs…

Lilu decided the basket was too small for a family of six, so she started scouting for a new location. She opted for the bottom shelf in the center-section of my sliding-door closet, the section that is almost always covered by at least one door. I said no, you or the babies will get shut in, pick another place. She glared at me. So I pulled the basket out of the leftmost bottom shelf and lined the shelf with all those scarves and sarongs and baby-carrying cloths I never use but can’t bring myself to throw away, and the family is now living in there. The basket is in front of the shelf, so if someone falls out, he or she lands fairly harmlessly, and can’t escape any further. The closet sans basket has much more space, much less light, so photographing them is proving difficult. And filming their first wobbly steps is proving impossible, which is too bad because it is so. darn. CUTE!

Well, the lighter-colored ones show up well on film, so there are at least a couple new pictures of Jackie and Jermaine. Jermaine2 Jackie2

Song du jour of the day: L’Amour à la Francaise, by Les Fatals Picards.


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