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Okay, so longtime readers of this blog will know that my 13-year-old, Ignatz, has been diagnosed with ADHD and an unfortunately high IQ, which means that he is deeply bored in school but even if he weren’t, he wouldn’t be able to pay attention. His teachers have done their best, but there really are limits to what they can do in an ordinary public school (I don’t actually agree with them on what those limits are, but we’ll leave that for now), and the only suggestion they ever have is to send him to a different school. We don’t want to send him to boarding school, we don’t want to bus him to Munich, and he doesn’t want to leave his friends, so we haven’t.

Therefore, this move to Utrecht is, in one sense, a chance to start over with Ignatz and get him into a better school. Better for his needs, I mean: a school for smart kids who like to get up and do things, not a school for kids who are smart so you can tell them to read The Brothers Karamazov over the weekend, yeah? We’ve heard about Lek en Linge, and will look into it, but if there’s something closer than Culemborg, that’d be better, probably. But Priority One is to find a suitable school, and then we’ll look for a house nearby.

Secondly, we now live in a town that has hourly trains to Munich. It turns out that getting there is enough of a nuisance that we don’t do it as often as we should, so we miss out on world-class museums and concerts, not to mention job opportunities. But we don’t want to be too dependent on our car, so we’d like to be either within cycling distance of Utrecht center, or on a public transit line: the sort of public transit that leaves every 20 minutes, so buses, trams… I doubt Utrecht has a subway.

Thirdly, we don’t want to do a lot of yard-work, but the boys and the cats should have room to run around, so a nearby park, common area, woods or field would be nice. It doesn’t have to be huge.

And that’s basically it, the important bits: school, public transit and a bit of green space. Proximity to a tae kwon do center for Ignatz, soccer practice for the Sniglet, grocery stores, libraries, a cinema and the like would be nice, if we can get it.

Gee, I don’t ask for much, do I? Well, I guess you list all the things you would like to have in a perfect world, and then just try to find the closest approximation you can afford.

Oh, also, update: there are a lot of houses for sale in OurTown right now, and DrBob met today with the bank guy who organized our loan to buy this house, who said that it might be better to try renting the house out for a couple-three years. We’d probably find someone faster, and this town will be attracting Munich commuters once the big highway project is finished, which means house prices might rise. So we may be looking for a place to rent (Utrecht rents are exorbitant, we hear) for awhile, which would give us lots and lots of time to look for something Just Right.

Song du jour of the day: Just Like Heaven, by the Cure.


2 responses to “on location

  • amy

    Yep. We made compromises on our house. I wish the next door neighbor wasn’t quite so next door, with their annoying barking dogs and that stupid freaking outside light they leave on ALL NIGHT because the wife is afraid of the dark and which shines RIGHT in our eyes while we’re in bed because there’s only one place we can fit the bed in the bedroom. If I were a millionaire, I’d make them an offer they couldn’t refuse and then raze their stupid house and let it all grow into woods. And also, I daydream about putting speed bumps made of nails onto our road to slow people down. So yeah, compromises. Oh to be a millionaire.

    In better news, after bringing your package back and forth on lo and many errands, and even bringing it to a baseball game (we left it in the car, though), I finally mailed it. From the good post office that employs competent people. 🙂

  • alala

    Oh yay! Stuff!

    I think part of what is so wonderful about this house is that we got so much of what we wanted, for a price we could actually afford.

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