what I love about the house

Alke said,

what is it you love about this house?

Partly, it’s the random and kismetty way we found it, because we just happened by when the previous owner was doing some yardwork, four months after he’d moved out of the house and to another town – what’re the odds?

And I put up some photos I took before we moved in, so you can see some key features. The wood makes it cozy, but kind of dark. I loooooove the built-in bookshelves, but I guess we could build in bookshelves in the new house if we had to. The garden is tiny and therefore low-maintenance, which is A Good Thing, but then, all the gardens we saw in the for-rent and for-sale ads in Utrecht seemed to be paved, which is even lower-maintenance (DrBob noticed that right away, and was very pleased). I’d rather not buy a new house in a brand new development where all the trees are spindly awkward teenager-trees, I like our grown-up trees. That’s my main (well, really, my only) objection to moving to Leidsche Rijn, and of course we’ll look around there. But mostly, this house just has character. It’s hard to describe, but there it is. Also, it had no carpet, and no mildew problems, in stark contrast to the house we moved here from. This is more important than it looks at first glance, because the Sniglet has allergies.

Okaysobut here’s a thing: I saw a house and fell in love while we were in Utrecht! Well, more than one house. See, we were taking the special train that only goes to the Train Museum (wicked cool, if you come visit I’ll take you there), and as the train pulled in to the museum station, on the left were a row of tall skinny brick Victorian row houses with bay windows and little balconies and such, and I swooned. SO pretty. But probably also quite noisy, given the location. So, what I really want is a tall skinny brick Victorian row house with bay windows and little balconies and such, only not facing on a train station.

But location is more important. I’ll get into that in another entry. Soon.

Song du jour of the day: Our House, by Crosby, Stills and Nash.


3 responses to “what I love about the house

  • Melanie

    Okay, Dutch people are fun, but they’re such freakin’ show offs. All that perfect English and crap. How will you cope?

  • alke

    Oh… well….. I was German long time ago…. I hope it serves as an excuse here.. 😉
    And yes, I perfectly understand why Leidsche Rijn is NOT an option for you. It wouldn’t be for me.
    About the gardens…. You’ll be hardpressed to find a bigger garden in this country. Land is a premium commodity, we even made it ourselves from the sea, and there are advanced plannes to do it again.
    Built in bookshelves.. I will totally find you somebody to fix these, promise. Let’s see about the location of the schools you need. Since driving to work is almost impossible here…. extraordanary traffic jams to enjoy, a station nearby is not the worst idea…. but you don’t need to face it directly. One step at a time!

  • alala

    How will I cope with finally being able to communicate? Well, it’ll be a struggle, but I’ll manage.

    Leidsche Rijn isn’t NOT an option, really. We haven’t seen it, haven’t heard anything bad about it. DrBob likes the modern glass-and-steel sort of stuff (note that I’m the one who has to clean the glass and steel). I like older buildings, but I really don’t like the dry rot and mildew and termites that older buildings often seem to feature. So DrBob migh be fine with Leidsche Rijn where nothing is more than five years old, while I, being American, am easily impressed by Olde Worlde Charm(tm). Location post to follow.

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