well that was fun…

… and I generally don’t approve of bragging, but my first-grader totally called it. I will always vote for the song I like best, but if I ever bet on Eurovision, I’ll definitely ask him to pick the winner. Amusingly live-blogged here, by a Guardian columnist.

So, song du jour of the day: Dima Bilan’s Believe. I have to admit, the ice-skater was a nice touch.

P.S. Ignatz voted Azerbaijan, which did surprisingly well, given how weird it was. DrBob voted for Spain, and I liked about seven songs, but finally decided that Croatia needed my vote the most. Yes, we have four different phone numbers from which to call. What?


2 responses to “well that was fun…

  • Elemmaciltur

    Nope, didn’t like Russia. Didn’t like the song. Admittedly though, Dima’s got a nice bod. But the violinist and the ice-skater? What the hell was that? Especially with the funky hair-do. Is he still stuck in the 70’s? (Yes, that goes for both the violinist and the ice-skater…I don’t care if he was world champion or whatever, he needs to work on his styling.) So, yeah, I have to disagree with you on that.

    The whole Eurovision thing is totally a politicised event for the Eastern Block, IMHO. Nothing to do with songs or quality.

    Azerbaijan is just weird. I mean, have you seen the music video? That’s just…totally gay.

    But just to take the edge off my comment. My favourite song came second. Yeah, I rooted for Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady”. 😉

  • alala

    Dude, the 70s have been back for years! I’d complain, but I’m afraid the 80s will replace it. Like, so totally gag me.

    Bloc schmock, you liked an eastern song best, as did 75% of my family. As for Azerbaijan being gay, you say that like it’s a bad thing!

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