Sorry, all. We bounced many ideas off eachother: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and… what would be another basic substance? I suggested Sarcasm, DrBob suggested Beer. Lala, Lolo, Lulu, etc. Something related to the five senses. But nothing stuck, there was no logical connection between a particular kitten and a particular element, sense, or vowel, so the Jacksons it is. Chin up, it’s only for eight weeks, and then they go to their new homes.
Sleepy Family

If you click on the image, it’ll take you to a flickr page and you can mouse over each kitten to learn his or her temporary name. For the record, our best guesses at gender: we think Michael and Tito are boys, and Jackie, Germaine and Marlon are probably girls.

Song du jour of the day: all of them! The Eurovision Song Contest starts tomorrow omg I’m so excited squeeeeeee!


6 responses to “named

  • Sandy (Momisodes)

    So adorable đŸ™‚ The Jacksons is cute. I can never get enough of kittens.

  • alke

    I’m hoping for lot’s of pictures in the coming 8 weeks, you know, they’re used to be in the spotlights đŸ˜‰

  • Nate

    Well, I read these things oldest-to-newest, so I’m going to repeat my comment from two posts ago: Randy was the 5th Jackson, so Michael shouldn’t be in the mix. And it’s Jermaine, but I can see how you’d want to use the G if it’s a girl. Maybe the 3rd girl could be Marleen. : ) Not bad at all for temporary names. What do Germans name their cats? Is there an equivalent to Fluffy and Biscuit and that sort of thing?

  • alala

    My camera is sucking, so I’ll try to get pics, but I can’t promise.

    Nate, Randy replaced Jermaine in 1975, when the Jacksons left Motown and Jermaine decided to stay because he was dating the boss’s daughter, so he’s a latecomer. Also I don’t know what order the cats were born in, so I can’t name them oldest to newest. But I will change the G to a J. Wouldn’t want to be inauthentic… aside from naming girl-kittens after boy-singers, oops.

    Germans name their cats Mikesch, which is the name of the cat Robert’s parents had for 19 years until he died in 2003 or so. They also name their cats Felix, which is what one of Mikesch’s replacements was named. And the other replacement, Felix’s brother, is black, so he’s called Blackie. Creativity is not really considered a virtue in rural Bavaria.

  • Nate

    Aha… 1975 was before my popular-music-following time. I thought both Randy and Jermaine were in on the “Victory Tour” fiasco, circa 1983, and I thought it was “Michael Jackson AND the Jackson 5” (the Jackson 6?). Say, you were pretty up on the Jacksons for only being about 4 at the time.

  • alala

    Ahem. I looked it up on Wikipedia. *blush*

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