Though it’s nearly impossible to see them all at once, there are indeed five squeaky kittens with already-discernible personalities. No names yet, but I’m working on it (Kelly has already vetoed Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael). Everybody seems to be all right, although I am remembering my own “fourth trimesters” with much sympathy.

First Photo, 15may08

Song du jour of the day: ABC, by the Jackson 5.


2 responses to “Five

  • alke

    Kelly seems to be a very sensible person! 😉
    Is there one that looks just like Lilu as well?
    Enjoy the little ones as long as mum has them under control. Soon you will be under control!

  • Nate

    the 5th Jackson was Randy, though, not Michael. Does that make a difference?

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