! !!

1:55 pm. A month or so ago Lilu was sniffing around my closet a lot, and I interpreted it as nesting behavior and put her basket in there with a blanket. Cats are perverse critters, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d opted for some other spot, but I’m pleased to note that she has chosen it as the place to have her babies. It’s dark in there, but I can see her curled up, purring, and one tiny pair of ears. There might be more kittens, I can’t see, and I don’t want to take a picture because I’m afraid the flash will disturb them, but yay! It’s begun! I’m so excited!

Song du jour of the day: Isn’t She Lovely, by Stevie Wonder.

2:05 pm. Four! Four tiny little heads! With eight tiny little ears! Also four pointy little tails! So cute!

2:35 pm. DrBob says, “Congratulations. Now we have six cats.” That’s not quite how I prefer to look at it…

3:48 pm. Another one. Five kittens.

4:58 pm. I think there’s another one now, but I can’t tell, everybody’s too squirmy. Well, this is still exciting, but I’m getting a little apprehensive. How many kittens can we find homes for? How many can Lilu have in her first litter and still be healthy? Oh dear.


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