still no kittens

I keep taking pictures of Lilu, but none of them succeeds in showing just how golompulous her belly is getting. See? 4may08b

She spends a lot of time sprawling on the floor like this, and if you look really close, you can see that her eyes aren’t even closed. She’s not sleeping, she’s just lying around waiting for it to be over. She sits oddly, has trouble jumping, falls over while bathing, can’t reach around her belly to scratch her chin, she’s almost wider than she is long at this point, and we keep telling eachother it can’t be much longer, but days drag by and there she is, still pregnant. She weighs a ton, too – she makes almost as much noise clomping down the stairs as Ignatz does.

When, oh when will this madness end?

Song du jour of the day: I Can’t Wait, by Stevie Nicks.


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