I am going to lose my voice

I’m already croaky and weird-sounding. I feel better, though. Not all the way better, and very very sad whenever I do something stupid like, oh, climb a zillion stairs – did I mention that my job is on the third floor of a building with no elevator? Or walk a mile to the train station.

Work was a dilemma today: I felt almost well enough. I dithered enough to miss a few trains, and then I asked myself, self, I asked, what kind of person do you want to be? Someone who grabs at any excuse to weasel out of her commitments, or someone with integrity? Someone people can count on? Well, that’s an easy one to answer, isn’t it, so off I trudged. To the train station. One piddly mile, usually takes me 20 minutes. Today it took 45. But you can’t drive there: unless you’re catching the 6:53, you’ll never find a parking space, though you will find several people who felt their car was important enough to occupy two parking spaces, and if you’re in a bad mood, if, say, you’ve been sick for a week and the symptoms keep changing but you see no sign of ever getting better, you might decide to show those people what you think of their very important cars, perhaps by breaking bits of them off… and that just leads to legal trouble, which you are not in the mood to deal with. So no drive. Walk. Very, very slowly.

And work, maybe slightly less competently than usual. Because not a lot of oxygen is reaching my brain today.

No food. Because April is over, and the 30 days to feed a family thing is too. I will go back and evilly type in things on the days I missed, and here’s why: sometimes I am overflowing with joy at the wonderful bounty of food choices before me, and other times, I literally, honestly, seriously cannot think of anything to feed my family besides spaghetti. Really. So now I have April, and when I’m stumped, I’ll just click on a date in April and feed my family whatever we had on that day. Unless there’s no food listed that day, in which case I’ll tell them to forage.

Song du jour of the day: Latvia! I usually like them, but this is… I dunno, aren’t pirates like, totally over? Well, you decide. Wolves of the Sea, by the Pirates of the Sea! Um, casting about for something nice to say: their… accents are… cute.


2 responses to “I am going to lose my voice

  • amy

    I’m making my kids waffles. Because I fell asleep while they were watching TV and I have no energy for anything else. I have breakfast sausage, which is protein, but neither of them like it, and I don’t care. They don’t need protein at EVERY meal, do they? The pregnancy insomnia? Is kicking my butt.

  • Sandy (Momisodes)

    I can so relate to the spaghetti syndrome. Some days I have nothing left in me than to just serve microwaved mac’n cheese đŸ˜¦

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