What good does a Duce do?

Italians are apparently pleased about their return to fascism, and I’m a little mystified by this. I mean, what’s the appeal? On paper it’s about strength through unity, but if you look at what the fascists actually achieved, it’s more about being a bunch of massive, mud-sucking losers. However weak and effeminate you think democracy makes people, and however evil communism is, we pansy-ass democrats and our commie pals kicked their asses pretty solidly 60 years ago. Of course, they’ve had what, 73 governments in the last 60 years? Maybe they’ve just tried all the other kinds and it’s fascism’s turn again.

Song du jour of the day: Italy’s contribution to Eurovision, which is – oh wait. They dropped out of Eurovision over ten years ago. Wimps.

Food: Split Pea Soup, made from powdered mix. I did mince my own garlic and onions and chop up a bunch of carrots, but I am too lazy even at the best of times to wash legumes, pick out the gravel and discolored bits, soak, blah blah blah. Even more so, now that I need to limit the time I spend standing up.

Incidentally, I’m still sick. I think it may be affecting my mood somewhat.


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