since Sunday.

Whoo, typing that has worn me out. I gotta go take a nap.

Food: lots of liquids, lots of rest. The dishwasher is full of mugs and spoons.

Song: zzzzzzz…

Later that same day…

Oh my GOD this has been horrid. I slept all day Sunday, with one brief interlude of dressed-and-awake to take DrBob to the airport, and then concentrate fiercely on driving home in a straight line and not perishing in a flaming hunk of twisted steel. Slept all day Monday, despite two kids who also called in sick and then did not behave like sick people at all, at all. I would have punched them both, but I couldn’t focus through the pain. Today was my first day without pain, and oh! My darlings! Do you know what a miracle it is to be pain-free? It was such a fricking miracle that I failed to notice that the fatigue is still on. I leapt joyfully out of bed half an hour early to go to the bakery (down the hill and across the street) for sustenance for my beautiful children, who were going to school today, come hell or high water, and halfway back up the hill I was seriously considering crawling the rest of the way home. EGAD. My brain is awake, so I can’t sleep it off, I just have to sit around and feel steamrollered. And watch TV series on DVD. Lots of Monk (song virus du jour), because Battlestar Galactica is just too emotionally draining in my fragile state. GAGH! This better be over tomorrow.


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